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LExICON     ~  Bailey Bob Bailey ~

"DAY ART calls into play arguments that mesh like gears. result that have the force of certainty...Conscious of its progress, proud of its past, sure of its future, day art advances in light and glory. By contrast, night art wanders blind. It hesitate, stumbles, recoils, sweats, wakes with a start. Doubting everything, it is for ever trying to find itself, question itself, pull itself back together. Night art is a sort of workshop of the possible where what will become the building material of art is worked out." (stolen from some scientific website; replacing art for science)


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Anne Flash in this unique installation.
An installation recreating the artist studio of Anne Flash. A unique opportunity to see finished work, works in progress and the germination of ideas...


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Calculated COLOR    September 3 October 2 2008  Higgins Gallery CCCC

                               curated by Jane Lincoln


Artists:   Chris Ashley | Jane Lincoln | Joanne Mattera | Mel Prest | Rose Olson |

              Nancy Simonds | Suzanne Ulrich | Nancy White |

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With diverse intentions and methods, these eight artists converge in their use of calculated color. Abstraction, geometrical forms and a minimalist sensibility carry through all their work. Color in its many contradictory, bold, and subtle forms is the focal point of the exhibition. You may have to move in closely to discern the intricacy and understated color contrast or find yourself focusing and refocusing.